Lucy in a Gloverall Duffle at Warbleswick 15/11/2016
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Top 5 Women’s Winter Coats

It’s hard to choose as we have so many gorgeous coats in store, but we hope these five give you an idea of what’s on offer. 1. The Gloverall Duffle Coat Duffle Coats balance the warmth of wool with an iconic British style. We’ve sold the Gloverall Original Duffle Coat for several years because as Duffle Coats go they’re the bees knees and have been made in Britain since 1951. Made from a rich blend of Italian wool it’s a luxurious autumn/winter essential. Available this year in four colours, cranberry,... Read More

Men's Winter Coats 14/11/2016
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Top 5 Men’s Winter Coats

James gave us 8 coats when we asked for his Top 5 so you can take that as an indication that we have many more than this in store! 1. Barbour Powell The Barbour Powell is a quilted, fleece-lined jacket available in Black, Navy and Olive. A great all-rounder and a popular choice with our customers. 2. Schoffel Ptarmigan Super Light Coat This is an excellent country coat, great for shooting and field sports. It’s not only lightweight but also 100% waterproof, windproof and highly breathable thanks to the Meryl... Read More

Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing 09/11/2016

Winter Garment Care

In the words of Jon Snow “Winter is coming”. We can’t dress this article up in any way, it’s about really boring jobs – looking after your winter coats and footwear. Here are some of the products we have in store to help you make the jobs easier – please note they may still be boring.     Wax Jackets If you want to rewax a jacket yourself then we recommend using a tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing which keeps your jacket both waterproof and thornproof. Barbour reassures us... Read More

Gabor Mustang 18/10/2016
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AW16 Footwear

Women’s Autumn Footwear The huge growth in ‘Athleisure’ apparel has seen a great shift towards wearing ‘lifestyle’ trainers. In fact Drapers (our industry bible) has recently reported that for the first time ever trainers outsold heels this summer. The cat walks have seen trainers being worn with exclusive dresses for some time now (albeit very expensive designer trainers of course!) so it’s only natural that we’re seeing the effect in store. Unisa and Gabor have embraced this with what we’d class as ‘lifestyle’ trainers: Suede is a very popular look... Read More

Staff Picks 22/09/2016
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Menswear Picks – September 2016

O&C MD James is our Menswear Buyer so we asked him to talk us through some of the AW16 trends. Men are often steered by the weather, how terribly British of them. The last few years haven’t been especially cold and when this is the case customers buy what they want rather than what they need.  This may sound obvious but it’s nice to see customers buying a coat because they just really love it. But men also want the classics, they don’t need a drastic change in their wardrobe,... Read More

Cloaks by GANT and Olsen 18/09/2016
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Women’s Capes and Ponchos

Capes and Ponchos are one of the key women’s trends for Autumn/Winter 2016 and here at O&C we have one to suit every occasion and budget.  And yes of course we’ve had the discussion about when is a cape a cape and not a poncho (don’t even mention cloaks!). Some say that a poncho is cut from a rectangular piece of wool whilst a cape is cut from a circle.  But did we care what shape it was when Clint Eastwood wore his poncho? No, we did not.  So, the... Read More

Festival Style Summer 16 23/06/2016

Festival Style

This weekend sees the end of the Aldeburgh Festival but elsewhere the festival scene is just starting. You may already be knee-deep in Glastonbury’s finest but if you’ve got more festivals on your list such as our local Latitude then here’s a few of our ladies Festival Favourites. And of course it’s always worth being prepared for rain so why not brighten up your spirits with one of these Ilse Jacobsen umbrellas – available in neon orange, blue and yellow.  They’re so big you can squeeze the whole family under... Read More

Shop The Look 20/06/2016

Shop The Look – Look Cool, Stay Cool

A stunning summer look in this beautiful maxi dress from One Season worn with Barbour Bowline shorts and Ilse Jacobsen Glitter flip-flops. Kathy Wears: One Season India Long Maxi Dress Oui Basic Strap Top Barbour Bowline Shorts Ilse Jacobsen Glitter Flip Flop

Father's Day 09/06/2016

Father’s Day: Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day just around the corner now is the time to start selecting your gift of choice. With this in mind we’ve picked out the items that we think will make Dad’s Day.   These Secrid wallets will keep your Contactless Credit and Debit Cards safe from nefarious types who would try and take your hard earned cash without you even knowing about it. Their stylish finishes and practical function make them ideal for the modern man about time. Shop the full Secrid range here. Summer is the perfect... Read More