If the Hat Fits…

We’ve got a fantastic selection of straw hats in store. There are two new brands for us this season which brings us Panamas from Borges & Scott and trilbys from Dasmarca. We also stock the very popular Barbour Emblem trilby (shown above) as well as a great selection from Barts.

Borges & Scott

Producers of high quality Panamas since the 1970’s, Borges & Scott hats are all handmade in Ecuador and finished in Bristol. Their Classic Fedora Panama suits most face shapes and has been stylish since the 1930’s. The Teardrop Fedora has a slightly lower and wider crown giving it a more modern edge whilst retaining the classic look. We’ve also got The Safari if you’re after a wider brim.


Dasmarca bring some amazing colours to our hat stand. They’re a London based company who bring an urban contemporary angle to a classic style of hat and we think they’re going to be a great hit this summer.


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