The O&C AW21 Photoshoot

We were blessed with dry weather for our Autumn/Winter photoshoot on Tuesday. We were also blessed with being able to use the wonderful Pumphouse thanks to Britten Pears Arts. The venue has sadly been left empty throughout the pandemic so it was lovely to give it a purpose, if only for a day. We hope it won’t be long before it can open it’s doors to the public once again.

The Pumphouse sits right on the edge of the Aldeburgh Marshes which made for the perfect backdrop despite being rather windy!

We’ve worked with Sylvaine Poitau (photographer) and Suzie Love (production, hair and makeup) since 2015 so we feel like a well oiled machine when it comes to shoots. This was demonstrated by the fact that we turned the whole thing round in less than two weeks. Brexit (don’t mention the B word to James) is still having an impact on deliveries so we had to wait to see whether we’d actually have enough new stock to shoot, thankfully it all came good.

Claire and Theo from O&C did a great job of selecting outfits and styling on the day. They both work in our menswear department and do a lot of our merchandising so we were lucky to have them on the shoot too.

Laura and Ismail from Mustard Models were fantastic. We achieve a lot in one day and they worked really hard and of course looked great!

Huge thanks also goes to Abi who has helped Sylvaine on lots of our shoots and to Luke who was Suzie’s production assistant and did lots of sorting out on the day.

Here’s a few ‘behind the scenes’ photos. Can’t wait to see the final shots. Thank you to everyone who made the day productive and enjoyable.

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