New Season Barbour

We know autumn is on the way when we can’t move for boxes of Barbour! The new season collections are exactly as you’d expect – quality, stylish, practical pieces to get you through the cooler months. You might not be quite ready for coat shopping but it’s worth checking out the new styles – some of them won’t be around for long. There are some lovely new quilted dog coats too!

Of special interest this year is the launch of the new Barbour Loungewear and Sleepwear. The loungewear has already proved very popular in our Menswear department for example with the Nico Lounge Crew Sweater. We’re really pleased to see the arrival of Barbour nightwear, we know it will be a hit especially once we head towards Christmas so take a look at the women’s Barbour Phoebe PJ Set.

For the autumn though we recommend looking at the Barbour shirts and knitwear – great layers for now.


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