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FitFlop™ shoes and sneakers are one of our most popular footwear brands at O&C Butcher.
The original idea was the brainchild of Marcia Kilgore, a one-time personal trainer and serial entrepreneur, she found herself approaching 40 and was desperate to find a way to make it easier to stay in shape. Juggling motherhood, work and ‘working out’ was proving an issue, so she summoned up her problem-solving skills and drummed up the concept for the FitFlop™.

With the help of two biomechanists they created the fundamental Microwobbleboard™ Toning Technology that is featured in all FitFlop™ designs.

FitFlop™ shoes and sandals have since been spotted on countless celebs, have inspired tens of thousands of testimonials and have kick-started a global toning footwear trend for men and women.

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